Air Freight and Courier

A comprehensive service
Our comprehensive air service will ensure that your freight is handled professionally, securely and on time. You have the backing of a dedicated network of air and ground services for pickup and delivery, and flights with consistent transit times for all major international airports

Freight costs are calculated by size and weight, and we operate continual services to and from all major airports. Call us and we will be pleased to discuss your needs and advise you on what is best for you.

Air Freight Services Our airfreight services include:
Daily freight consolidations, to arrival airport
Pre-allocated space with a choice of airlines
Secure warehousing if required
Pre-shipment inspection, customs clearance
Packing services

Air Freight
The charge for your air freight is dependent on the weight and volume of your goods. We offer several different services to locations all over the world and many flights leave daily ensuring the most efficient service.

We can deliver to most airports in the world and if we cannot we are generally only restricted because of local political situations.

Air Cargo
For more urgent consignments or smaller items, air freight is an excellent option. With flights leaving daily and varied delivery options, we can tailor our air freight services to suit both your time and budget restraints. You will find our rates reasonable especially compared to airline excess luggage prices!

Airfreight can be competitive for medium-size cargo if you can be flexible on delivery times
Air freight services are characterized by tighter control over the cargo due to short transportation time. Short transportation time and tight control reduce the cargo exposure to theft, pilferage, and damage. Freight, packaging, and labour costs can be saved dramatically with air freight services due to faster delivery and better security.

Insurance premium rate generally is lower for air freight than land or ocean freight. High performance standards and the flexibility to meet your changing needs is offered by air freight solutions. Air transportation is the best medium for perishable goods.